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Product Questions
  • What different types of ExamSheets are available?
    We offer five different types of products:

    1. Practice Questions and Answers With the help of our Quality Practice Questions and Answers, you will be able to prepare for the test within no time and very less effort.
    2. Practice Testing Software
    You can get the real exam experience, sitting at home and prepare yourself for the “Real Exam”. It is the best training tool.

    3. Study Guides
    Our Study Guides are written in a very interesting manner and a reader can never get bored of it. You will never get tired of our Study Guide.

    4. Audio Learnings
    You have the comfort to listen to it on the pc or you can burn these mp3 files through FREE audio softwares even media player on an audio CD.

    5. Preparation Labs
    Our Preparation Labs can give you a competitive edge on others. Our Labs cover each and every scenario for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle and others.

  • What document formats is used for Q&A, Preparation Labs and Study Guides products?
    Q&As, Preparation Labs and Study Guides documents are provided in the PDF format. You don’t need any special software other than Adobe PDF reader. No need for any authorization string and any thing else.

  • What type of Practice Testing Software offered by ExamSheets?
    This is a downloadable desktop application, and you can use it offline as well. No need to stay online for long times. Just download, install and run this Practice Testing Software.

  • Is Sample for Practice Testing Software available?
    Yes, go to sample page to download sample.

Practice Questions and Answers with Explanations

  • What your Practice Questions and Answers product include?
    Questions & Answers with explanations are considered to be the best in preparing for an IT certification exam. We provide you the best Questions & Answers including most realistic and true explanations ever possible.

  • All the questions in the Q&A file include explanations?
    We provide explanations for most of the questions. But there are still some Questions without explanations. But we update our products periodically and include missing explanations.

  • Is ExamSheets Practice Questions and Answers are enough to pass exam?
    We are sure that you can pass your exam using our Q&A product. However, we recommend you to consult our other study material too. Such as Study Guides, Preparation Labs, Practice Testing Software and Audio Learnings.

  • Practice Testing Software

    • Why uses Practice Testing Software?
      The core reason to use Practice Testing Software is it contains 100% actual exam questions with detail explanation and references. It is designed exactly on examination pattern. Practice Testing Software includes at least 8 different and latest questions those help you simulates the actual exam environment before appearing in the exam. Learning mode helps for preparing exam with the help of other supporting materials such as Show Correct Answer option and etc and to reduce your weakness, to grill you on timelines, to hone your skills.

    • Tell me something about Interactive Work Area?
      In the past exams were only conducted in MCQ's pattern and you had to select the correct answer only. As Venders have changed their exam pattern to reflect these changes we have provided with a Work Area in which you can Enter Values, Select the Correct Options and Check the Important Checkboxes.

    • What is the Exam Exhibits?
      To demonstrate the Question, Question Explanation and References in greater detail we use exact question related Images extracted from actual environment. These exhibits further clarify the Question and its explanations

    • How Can I Check the History of my Exams?
      You can check the History of Exam Conduction which reflects your performance in previous exam. Every time you End an exam it stores your result in History for previous self assessment. There is a “Show History” button on Mode Selection page from that button you can see your previous exam history.

    • If I purchase an exam and new update of the same exam is released, do I need to purchase a new Exam Again?
      Actually it depends upon the type of subscription you have. if your subscription has not been expired yet then you don’t need to purchase it again rather the new update will be freely available for you. On the other hand if your subscription has expired for the exam then you will have to purchase the new update of exam.

    • What is the supported resolution of your Practice Testing Software?
      Supported Resolution is 1024 X 768

    • What are the system requirements for Practice Testing Software? And how to activate it?

      Note: Our Practice Testing Software automatically downloads the desired .Net Framework version., If it does not then download requested .Net Framework from given Links below.

      Microsoft .Net framework version 1.1 (Download link1 / Download link2)
      Microsoft .Net framework version 2.0 (Download link1 / Download link2)
      Microsoft .Net framework version 3.0 (Download link1 / Download link2)
      Operating Systems: Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 98.
      Latest Service Pack compatible to your operating system.

      Please follow these steps to activate Authorization key.

        • Go to www.examsheets.net or
          Direct go to sign in page :  http://www.examsheets.net/signin.htm
        • Enter your Login E-mail and Password
        • Click on Current Products
        • Click on  Generate Authentication Keys, Highlighted Below:
        • Copy the Authorization Key including the boxes on either side of the Key and Paste is in the Exam Activation Window.
        • Note: Please remember again. you just have to Copy and Paste it in exam activation window to run your exam and don’t enter the authentication  key manually.

      Install MDAC 2.8 (Download link1 / Download link2)
      Note: No need to install MDAC when using Windows XP because it comes with the latest MDAC Compatibilities.

    • Can I install the Multiple Exam Engine on the same System?
      Of course, but in the location dialog of installation wizard; you need to select the different folder. Each Exam must be installed in different Location to void any Sharing Violation.
      Error “Class not registered. Windows form”

      Exam Engine Register couple of .DLLs during the Installation process but when user perform installation having restricted privileges, the installation process complete successfully but fail to Register those .DLLs. to resolve this issue, uninstall the Exam and Install it using Administrator Login Account.

    • How can I self assess myself after each taken exam?
      Practice Testing Software provides an “Exam Review Mode” after each exam to deeply assess your knowledge. It shows the list of Correct and Incorrect Questions list and enable you learn about each of these Questions with their Answers, Answer Explanations and Incorrect Answer Explanations.

    Study Guides

    • What you offer in your Study Guides?
      Our Study Material in Study Guides ensures that you can understand all the concepts, terminologies and ideas behind the scenes and prepare well for the exams. In the certification Exams, Professionals are most tested for their ability to cater with real world scenarios and our Study Guides are with you to do just the purpose.

    • Are your updates free?
      Free updates are available for the subscription period after the purchase. After your subscription is expired, the product is considered expired and is removed from the current products list in member area of the user.

    • How can I Extend the update period of any expired product?
      Expired products can be repurchased at 50% discount from within your member area. Login to your member area, and click on Re-Order products link.

    • When you update your products?
      We update our products periodically. Whenever certification vendor changes the skill set of the exam, we update our product accordingly.

    • How you intimate your subscribers about an updated exam?
      There are two ways:
      On the home page, there is a list of recent updated exams.
      On right panel of the website, list of the recent updates is available.
      Make sure to wait for the next update release before writing the exam.

    • How can I download the updated exam?
      SignIn to your member area and download any updated product you have purchased.

    Audio Learnings

    • What are Audio Learnings?
      Audio Learnings are study guides in audio format. These are recorded in mp3 format. There are no questions and answers in these Audio Learnings.

    • Are your Audio Learnings enough to pass the exams?
      To pass Certification exams as well as learn the material needed for those exams, you will need to work with the products. Our Audio Learnings are strictly designed to help you retain key points.

    • How long are the Audio Learnings?
      The times for the exams are as follows:

      70-210 - 48 minutes
      70-215 - 60 minutes
      70-216 - 37 minutes
      70-217 - 35 minutes
      70-218 - 47 minutes
      70-219 - 44 minutes
      70-220 - 35 minutes
      70-221 - 62 minutes
      70-222 - 33 minutes
      70-244 - 26 minutes
      70-270 - 87 minutes
      70-290 - 37 minutes
      70-291 - 32 minutes
      70-292 - 25 minutes
      70-293 - 44 minutes
      70-294 - 41 minutes
      70-296 - 47 minutes
      70-297 - 71 minutes
      220-301 - 70 minutes
      220-302 - 60 minutes
      N10-002 - 71 minutes
      SK0-001 - 67 minutes
      SY0-101 - 48 minutes
      XK0-001 - 90 minutes
      640-801 - 35 minutes

    • Do you guarantee that I will pass the exam?
      No, Since our Audio Learnings are designed to be an addition to your other study resources, we do not guarantee that they alone will allow you to pass the exams.

    • What do I need to be able to listen to your study guides?
      Our Study Guides are in MP3 format, you will need an MP3 player. We recommend www.winamp.com

    • Why am I having problems listening to your online demos?
      Our online Demos are in MP3 format, you will need an MP3 player. We recommend www.winamp.com

    • How can I get my Audio Learnings delivered on CD ROM's?
      Right now we are not offering Audio Learnings on CD-ROM. But is future we will start the delivery of the Audio CDs too.

    Saving Packs

    • Do you offer Saving Packs?
      We offer three types of Saving Packs:

      Product Saving Packs at 25% discount. e.g., you can purchase all 70-290 products for only $80.25
      instead of $127. You can customize the saving pack according to your need and select the desired
      subscription period on the fly. Please visit 70-290 product page for example.
      If you buy 4 products, we will offer you 5th product of your choice free of cost.
      You can always contact us for any customized saving pack, which is not fit to our regular saving packs.

    • Where are listed your Product Saving Packs?
      Visit any product page, saving pack is listed at the top of every page.

    • How can I claim for 5th product after the purchase of 4 products?
      Buy at least 4 products in a single transaction/purchase.
      Send us the purchase receipt along with your login email and 5th exam name.
      5th exam should have a value not higher than the average price of the 5 purchased products.
      We will add the 5th/free exam to your account and notify you to download.

    • How can I download the samples of your products to check the quality before I buy them?
      Please visit the sample page and download the sample products you need.

    • If the sample of my required exam is not listed on the sample page?
      If sample of your desired product is not listed there, then contact us for the sample. We will try our best to release the sample exam within next 3-4 business days.


    • How you guarantee about the quality of your products?
      Our IT experts try their best to cover more than 95% of the skill set deployed by the vendor. Our goal is to give the best study aterial to pass the certification exam in first attempt.

    • How you achieve this quality of the products?
      At SefExamEngine, we have certified experts having vast experience of teaching and developing studymaterial. Our team includes MCSEs, MCDBAs, MCTs, CCNPs, CCIEs, OCPs etc. they verify each answer and add explanation where required which increases the accuracy of the answer. They regularly review and update the products. We also update our products on the bases of our valuable customers. All this guarantees a high quality product.

    • If I found an incorrect answer in the file, what should I do now?
      You can send us the feedback on the specific answer, make sure to include following information so that we can rectify the issue properly:

      Exam Code
      Page Number
      Question Number
      Login Email
      We will answer your feedback promptly.


    • How can I pay for the purchased products from ExamSheets.net?
      There is only method currently available for payment. You can pay us by Paypal using your credit card or bank account.
      PayPal is the leading payment processor. It is fast and secure. You can also pay by eCheque by Paypal. On checkout page, click on pay by eCheque.

    • I am unable to add any product to the cart, what is wrong?
      Make sure that the cookies are enables for your browser. You need to enable cookies to add product(s) to the cart and purchase online.

    • Which credit cards does ExamSheets accept?
      We accept most major credit cards via PayPal including MasterCard, Visa, American, Express, Discover and JCB.

    • Is my Credit Card Information secured at your site?
      Definitely, we guarantee that your all information is secured by our payment processor, Paypal.

    • I have never purchase products online, and a little but hesitant to purchase. How much I is secure to purchase form you?
      Security is our priority. PayPal is the most trusted payment processor. We do not keep any of your credit card information on our database, all the information is processed on PayPal secure server.

    • Do you share your customer information with any third parties?
      We do not spam mail, we always respect your right to piracy. We DO NOT share any of your information with any one else.

    • What are the steps involved for the online purchase?
      Select the required product(s) with appropriate subscription type, and add them to the cart. Click on checkout for the payment. Enter the credit card information on payment page. New users have to signup before checkout. After successful purchase, sign in to your “My Account” and download the product(s) you purchased.

    • I have already made a payment via credit card, how can I download the purchased product(s) now?
      All purchased products are available in your “My Account” for download. You need tosign in your “My Account”, then click on “Current Products”, and download the required product. An email with download instructions is sent on every purchase for your convenience.

    • Can I purchase without credit card, as I do not have credit card?
      On PayPal payment page, click on “Pay by eCheque”. This way you can send us the payment via eCheque.

    • Do you send a receipt of my purchase?
      Yes, you will receive a receipt on every purchase along with order conformation email. A payment receipt will be sent to you by paypal too. All the receipts are also available in your “My Account” under link “My Orders”.

    • My credit card is not working, what should I do?
      Always use correct and valid credit card details. If problem still exists, then contact your credit card provider to rectify the issue and try to use another credit card.

    • I have made payment successfully; even then, my purchased products are not listed in My Account for download. What is the wrong?
      Normally your order is processed instantly after the successful purchase. But some times we do not receive an instant payment notification from our payment processor due to card verification issues. In this case you have to wait for 12-24 hours, and after that you should contact us.

    • I have made payment and all the products are listed in My Account too, but I have not received download instructions yet. Why?
      This might be due to some error in the purchase process. Kindly contact us for download instructions.


    • How you will deliver the goods to me?
      We offer digital goods. And all the goods are available to you from your “My Account” for download. All download links are enabled within 5 minutes of your successful purchase. It can take 12-24 hour in certain cases.

    • Products are listed in My Account for download, but when I click on download link, it does not work, why?
      It might be due to some error. Kindly contact us and describe the error. We will fix it on urgent bases.

    • How can I claim for a refund?
      We try our best to solve any of your issue. But in other case, we will replace your product/service offering you a new product/service of your choice.

    • What is the response time of support emails?
      Most of the emails are responded within 24-48 hours. Occasionally it takes more time, but not more than 72 hours.

    • Our secure information is safe at your website
      All the information submitted by you at our website is 100% safe. We do not share any of the information including email address, password, purchased products, credit card information. Your credit card is processed by our payment processor, and information is passed on to a secure server.

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    ExamSheets offers only preparation and training study material, and this study material does not include actual questions and asnwers from certification exams.